National Black Dog Day

By Aspen ~

October 1st was National Black Dog Day! Can you believe it, we’re so special we have our very own day!!!!?

National Black Dog Day.png

Sadly, my mom tells me the reason such a day even exists is that many people don’t want black dogs. Now, I thought that seemed really crazy, after all, it’s just a fur color. But, I asked Porter and he said he had heard the same thing! Apparently, shelters and sources all over the country have told stories about a much larger number of black dogs that go un-adopted or, EVEN WORSE, euthanized simply because of their color. I didn’t now exactly what being euthanized meant but mommy and daddy were talking and it means killed! Now, I don’t understand all of this but it seems to me that something needs to be done!

DSCN1773_1312There is something called Time magazine that even did a story on this and terrible situation called Black Dog Syndrome. Some doggie shelters hold special days throughout the year where the adoptions fees are less, especially on big black dogs such as Porter and myself. We are such good dogs and everyone we meet seems to love us and tell us how beautiful we are, so I just don’t understand any of this.


One theory is that black dogs don’t photograph well because we’re so dark. Now, I KNOW that can’t be the reason because mommy says we’re her favorite subject and all of our pictures seem very nice. Maybe the photographers are just no good?



Another idea is that black dogs make think people think of black cats which makes people think of bad luck. Now seriously, who would compare a dog to a CAT???

Regardless, I am glad we have our own day. I think the more people realize black is just a color will mean that more wonderful black dogs will find their forever homes, just like we did!


Go out and adopt, adopt, adopt. Preferably a big, black, bundle of unwavering devotion and tail wagging love!