Keeping Cool

I have to say, that while I am enjoying Puerto Vallarta, it is HOT. And more than hot there is something mom & dad call humidity. I don’t think I know exactly what that is but I do know it makes me pant a lot and can even make it hard to breath!


Luckily, mom and dad are on it. I am really getting used to our new and lovely lifestyle. First thing in the morning I get up and nose mom or dad to let them know I’d like to come up for a bit of a cuddle, just like the old days when we had a house of our own. I snuggle in between them for a little while and get a lot of love but then it’s my favorite time.. BEACH time! First mom takes me out for a quick pee cuz, ya know, it’s been HOURS. After I have breakfast we all head off to the beach. It’s still pretty early in the morning at this point so the pavement is cool on my paws and then we hit the beach.


I have gotten really good about off leash beach time, even when it’s busy with fisherman and people, so I get to run around, poop and peep, and sniff all of the other dogs that meet there in the morning. There are a couple I particularly like but I have to say, the husky boy that liked me this morning was a little too invasive! I mean, I get that he wasn’t fixed but REALLY, I’m a lady.

I try to splash around in the water a bit. I know that by the time we walk a couple of miles I’ll still be feeling pretty warm for the walk back to the apartment. But, mom and dad let me sniff everything and a lot of the time I’m so quick they can’t keep me from snagging some tasty morsels I find along the beach. Some of the restaurants are super nice and leave water bowls out for all we doggies so I get a couple of drinks on the way back to the apartment where I spend a few hours playing with my hedgehog and napping.

Most of the day I just laze around. Mom and dad work on those laptop things and although we go out for a couple of pee breaks and to walk for lunch and stuff I don’t really do much. When I start to get bored I just bring my hedgehog to them to play a little catch with me and then around 4pm or so we had to the pool.


Now, I like to swim, but I’m not much of a pool girl. And, shhhhh, doggies aren’t really supposed to even be up there. It’s on the roof and mom and dad love it because they can see all around. I don’t really care.. I’m too short to see much unless I walk along the edge of the pool. I do like that.. mostly because there is a nice breeze and mom always shares her beer with me.

I’m usually a little warm when we get down from the pool, even though they make me get in the shower when I’m up there. So mom or dad makes a towel wet and puts it in that thing about the fridge.. a freezer I think it’s called. Anyway, it’s like magic. When they take it out a couple of minutes later it’s icy cold and they drape it over me to help me cool down. I heard some rumors and sidetalk of being shaved. I am thinking that is NOT my thing, so I’m glad they decided no. Apparently, we labradors are tough to shave because of our double coats and short fur. WHEW. I’d rather just nap during the day and get wet towels thank you very much.

Evening comes around and out we go again. The breeze normally picks up around then and as it gets darker it’s much cooler out, with shade for my paws. I get to play on the beach again and meet and greet everyone. Then a lot of the time mom and dad stop at a bar on the beach for a drink and I nap in the sand until it’s time to go home to bed.DSCN3809_2874

Overall, life is good. I still miss Porter but am feeling a lot better these days. I still get to spend nearly all my time with mom and dad, and I get to go to the beach all the time and sniff-butt with my doggie friends. What more could a lab ask for? Well, I do wish they’d bring out my fetch toy a little more often but they say I’m obsessed. Whatever.

Grandma and Grandpa are coming to visit in less than two weeks so I’m sure we’ll have lots more fun stuff to do then. For now, I think it’s time for the beach!


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  1. Hi Rhonda & Jim & Aspen. Sounds like the dog’s life! Maybe Gracie and I will get there next winter. Did you take the ferry over from La Paz? You can email me privately if you wish — I have so many questions! Do you still have your camper? Baja was great! Puerto Vallarta looks good, too. Are you going to stay or move on after awhile?

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