We are Porter and Aspen, two black dogs on a mission to explore the world! We were both adopted from different shelters by our parents, Jim & Rhonda, and currently live in Oregon. We love to hike and camp, exploring the Pacific Northwest, but one day soon, we will become international dogs as we travel the PanAm Highway to South America! Follow us along on our travels in Oregon and beyond.


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  1. When are you guys taking to the road? We were planning the Pan Am this year but will be going for it next year (2015). Found you through Neli’s big adventure. It’d be neat to start a dialog with others planning the same voyage.


    • Hi John & Mandi! Thanks for stopping by. Most of the info on our PanAm journey is on our regular website, The Next Big Adventure (http://thenextbigadventure.net) This is just a fun one for the dogs (:) ) to do. We hope to put the house on the market spring 2015 and hit the road by fall. Would love to share in the planning and tips you find along the way.

  2. I am considering flying with my dog to Los Barriles for a month. I have been there many times, but never taken my dog. Thanks for the information about a good vet down there. My other concerns are the availablity of quality dog food and danger of hiking or biking the surrounding hills with a dog. Any information you can provide is appreciated.

    • Hi Mark, I am so sorry but I missed your comment. There are a couple of vets in/ near Los Barriles, although we have always used Dogtor House in La Paz and they are wonderful. Finding good quality food is a bit more challenging although the Costco in Cabo or a variety of vet offices do sell better food although it may not come cheap. There shouldn’t be any danger in hiking or biking the surrounding areas with your dog as long as he/she is good with other dogs and well socialized. Dogs pretty quickly learn to avoid the “pricklies” i.e cactus.

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