Our Road Life

By Aspen ~

We’ve now been on the road with mom and dad for two months and it is FANTASTIC. Our road life is endless togetherness, lots of time outdoors and, most importantly for me, many hours a day spent running the beach and swimming in the sea.


Our life has taken on a lovely rhythm. Around 7am I am up and awake. Normally mom and dad are just waking up as well, but if not my thumping tail gets them up right away. We go for a quick pee before breakfast and then the real fun begins! We go for a family walk on the beach. Now, poor Porter is really starting to feel his age and, sadly, his hind end doesn’t work as well as it should, so he ambles along with dad. Mom lets me off leash, making sure to carry some little snacks along to encourage me to always come back when she calls and whistles for me. I know I should always come right back when she calls but damn, there sure is a lot to investigate at the beach!


First thing I hightail it down to the waters edge and splash around a bit. Often, our camp dog friends are out and about as well and I do a quick butt sniff greeting. But what I want to do is RUN. I race up and down the beach, bouncing a bit in my excitement. Sometimes I plunge into the water for a quick swim but most of the time I just like to sniff the beach and try to discover what happened overnight.


After a long walk we rest a bit. Where we are now that means mom and dad sit in rocking chairs by the pool overlooking the beach while Porter and I hang out with them. Before we go back to camp we have to get the salt and sand hosed off. I hate that part. I know, it makes no sense… I’m a water dog after all, but being rinsed off with a hose is simply not the same as swimming in lakes or oceans. Porter isn’t so fond of it either, but since he doesn’t like to go in the ocean, it’s good for him to get cooled off.


Back at camp we nap and hang out while mom and dad eat their breakfast and work on those things they call computers or read books. Sometimes mom does some yoga or they do what they call laundry. I don’t know what that is, exactly, but I know our blankets smell nice after laundry day.



Sometimes we walk along the street and we have to simply wait and drool while mom and dad eat fish tacos or tasty sandwiches for lunch but most of the time we spend the middle of the day at camp. Occasionally mom and I go out on a mission together; to the bank or grocery store. Porter doesn’t need as much exercise anymore so he and dad hang out at camp. I always feel really important when I get to go on a special trip.


In the afternoon we either hang out at the beach where mom and dad sometimes swim with me or, on the very best days, mom brings my floatie to the beach and I get to fetch in the water! It is my very very favorite thing. I’m becoming a stronger swimmer all the time and am learning to surf the waves for my toy.


More napping and then it’s time for our afternoon walk on the beach. It’s pretty much like the morning with me running free and Porter sort of ambling along. Followed, of course, by more sitting in those rocking chairs!


It’s a pretty active day so by 6pm or so Porter and I are ready for dinner and bed. We don’t like to stay up late so sometimes we don’t even make it to mom and dads dinner. And sometimes they put us to bed a little early to go to the movie in the park or one day to watch something called the Superbowl. I know Porter isn’t feeling as well these days so often I lie close to him to cuddle him for support.


Overall, life is amazing. I have heard talk of us moving to another beach soon and that is okay with me too. As long as I get to live in our tiny house with my family and run on the beach. I am a happy dog.


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