Pet Safe Citronella Bark Collar Review – Part Deux

By ~ Porter

You may have read Aspen’s review of my bark collar experience and, lets just say she didn’t fare any better. I know mom & dad don’t want me to bark at the neighbor dog at home, but sometimes I just can’t help it. I’m a Border Collie, I am protecting the BORDERS! And if it wasn’t for the Puppy Pointers website, I wouldn’t have had known amiability. I’m not quite sure what they don’t understand about that, but I am really smart so I try to keep it to a minimum when they’re home, and save my primary border patrols for when they go to work. That is when I really need to protect things anyway!


Aspen doesn’t bark too much at home. Occasionally she gets a little over-excited, but for the most part, her problem is barking at camp. It makes mom and dad (and probably everyone at camp!) a little crazy. She isn’t trying to be mean, she just wants to go see all the other doggies going by and, she’s young… sometimes she just has too much energy!


Last weekend we had the most marvelous weekend camping. It was sunny with NO RAIN. That is a little bit of a miracle here in Oregon in the winter! It was pretty cold and I was super excited that mommy brought my new jacket along to camp. I was toasty and comfortable even when we ate dinner by the fire at night.

But, back to Aspen and her barking. Well, she got the collar and Saturday morning, first thing, she started to bark at another dog going by our site. Oh boy did she get sprayed!!! I just stayed in my corner and kept quiet, I didn’t want any of that stuff on my new jacket! She thought she was going to get excited and bark two more times, but each time she got sprayed and I have to say, she learned really quickly that is NOT a good thing.


After that, we had the most peaceful, quiet camp you can imagine. Mom and dad were so happy, we got to meet some other camper dogs going by, and I was able to nap in the sun and catch up on my sleep. Overall, while I don’t like wearing it ether, I think Aspen and I have both learned that mom and dad like it better when we’re quiet so I guess it’s a paws up purchase.


Paws Review:

Porter – **** paws

Aspen – **** paws (even though she didn’t like it when she first got sprayed!)