Guest Post Interview ~ Brady from The Long Way South

We love to meet and greet other dogs and, but in lieu of actually being able to meet some of our fur-friends, we decided to interview some doggies who are currently on the road.

Brady, and his parents Sarah and Nate, drove a very, very long way through Mexico and Central America. Brady is home now, with his grandparents, while his mom and dad complete their trip in South America, but he had lots of interesting things to say about his time on the road!


BDC – Welcome Brady! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

BRADY – Hi there! My name is Brady and I am a four year old black lab/pit bull mix. In my family, I have really cool parents, Nate and Sarah, and a pesky older cat-brother named Baer. We get along most of the time, but I can tell that Baer doesn’t really like me so much some days. All I want to do is play but Baer tends to just bat me in the face over and over again to try to get me away. Unfortunately for him, I am stubborn and continue pestering him until my parents tell me to leave him alone.

When I was young, I was found in a man’s backyard in Arkansas with over 100 other dogs, some dead and some alive. We didn’t have any food, water or shelter from the sun. The nice people at the rescue were able to save about 30 of us, me being one of them. After being treated and transported by truck to New Hampshire, I was put in foster care until one day, these two people pulled into my foster family’s driveway in a big, black, loud truck. I came running out of the house to check them out and then they took me with them!

BDC – Tell us a little bit about where you’ve traveled with your family. Was it just in the United States or International?

BRADY – Oh boy, all the places I have been! Well, one day my parents asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. I was so excited, I hopped right into the backseat of the big, black truck. Little did I know, that truck would be my home for the next nine months!

We drove all across the United States and we camped every night. I always got to sleep in the backseat so I wouldn’t get cold or wet. My parents slept in the way back of the truck, but they always kept this little window open in between us so we could talk to each other. Sometimes, to play a prank on them, I would wait for them to fall asleep and then I would climb through the tiny window and slowly lay down in their bed. I would be very still and quiet to see how long I could sleep there before they woke up and noticed!


Then we went to Baja, Mexico! My parents had to bring me to the vet to get papers so I could cross the border.  I was a good boy, even though I really didn’t like the idea of being in an unfamiliar place. I went on my first “big boat” ride from Baja to mainland Mexico too! It was so cool. My parents took a boat that me, our truck and my parents could all go on and hang out on.  We even got to sleep in our truck while on the boat!

From Mexico, we went to Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.  I had so much fun meeting new dogs everyday and playing on the beach almost everyday.  Sometimes, it would be too hot for me so my parents would set up the fan to blow on me to keep me cool.  They would also try to force me to go swimming in the ocean to cool me off, but I do not like it when the water touches my belly, so I would pull really hard the other way.

Once we got to Costa Rica, my parents decided we should go back to Maine to visit for a couple of months.  They bought me this really cool crate and I flew in the belly of the plane! I wasn’t even scared.  My parents were more scared than I was!  But, when they returned, they decided to leave me behind at my grandparent’s house because it is too dangerous to fly me to South America.  They told me they were really sorry but I know they are coming back for me.  I am so excited for them to come back but I am having a great time tormenting my grandparents!


BDC ~ What is your favorite place to travel? Do you prefer hiking in the mountains? Running on the beach?


I like to travel everywhere that my parents go.  We have so much fun together! They would bring me to the beach and I would get to hang out in the shade while they went surfing.  Then, they would throw the ball for me when they were done!  The beach is one of my favorite places to go.  I get to run so fast and so far and meet a lot of new dogs. I like the mountains too but I get in trouble there.  Sometimes when we are hiking around, I get hungry.  The woods have these free snacks, in piles all over the place! So… I eat them. But then my mom tells me “No!” and says it is “gross.” She doesn’t call them mountain snacks though, she calls them “poop.” I don’t care what they are called- they are delicious and I eat them every time she isn’t looking!

BDC ~ When you’re traveling do you camp? Stay at hotels? Rent houses?


We almost always camp because we all like to be outside.  Sometimes, I do not like certain hotels my parents bring me to.  They smell weird, can be loud and I am not allowed to run around.  Plus, I don’t get in trouble when I pee on wood outside, but I do when I pee on wood inside.


BDC ~ Do you have a hard time finding good quality food and water on the road?


When I am at home, my parents give me the best tasting, healthy dog food.  When we started traveling to different countries, we could not find good quality food anymore.  So, they found a brand and type that is sold in every country in Central America.  It is Purina Dog Chow.  I still liked it just the same, even though it hurt my belly at first.  As for water, I drink any water I can come by but my parents used to always just leave a bowl out for me all the time so I would have fresh water to drink.

BDC ~ Have you had any problems with other dogs, either playing at dog parks at home, or streets dogs when traveling?


For the most part, I get along pretty good with other dogs.  I think sometimes I make them a little nervous at first because I charge right up to them, but all I wanna do is play!  I met a lot of dogs in Central America that I would let hang out with us and I would even share my bowl of water or snacks (the kind mom allows) with them.

But, when we were in Guatemala at Spanish school, my parents couldn’t take me for walks outside the gate because there was a really mean dog pack there. They would smell me from a mile away and come surround me in the street and bite the backs of my legs. My mom would carry rocks in her pocket to throw at the ground in front of them to scare them away.  Sometimes she would even take me on a ride in a tuk-tuk with her so we didn’t have to bother with the dog pack. It was so much fun!

BDC ~ Is there anything you don’t like about traveling? A different Bed? Strange water?


I love almost everything about traveling!  Sometimes, though, I would have to wait in the car with one of my parents while we crossed a border or had to go to the store real quick and it would get hot.  Someone would always wait with me with the windows open but it would still get hot.

We want to thank Brady very much for taking the time to share his story. We hope he gets reunited with this is parents again very soon so they can continue their adventures together.


Doggie kisses – Aspen & Porter