Winter Wonderland!

By Aspen 

We are very lucky dogs because, in general, we have very moderate weather here in Oregon. Mommy and daddy make sure we are always nice and comfortable all year around. This last week, however, the weather turned just crazy! I have to say I loved it. Being a lab, I have super thick double coats and am cozy almost all of the time. Porter, unfortunately, has some thin hair on his belly and legs and gets cold pretty easily so he was not as happy to see the white stuff as I was.


Mom calls it snow. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but instead of getting wet like in the rain, I could play and run and run and never really get wet! Mom and dad came home with a coat for Porter and then pulled out something I hadn’t seen before, a purple coat just for me! Well, it does say Maddy on the butt, but I figure if mom and dad loved her so much and yet are still allowing me to wear her jacket to play in the snow, I must be super special too right?!



On one of the days mom and dad normally go to work they stayed home with us and called it a snow day. I don’t really know what that means either but as long as we’re all together I think we should have more of them. We spent a lot of time going in and out to check how deep the snow was and play. Dad would make balls out of this stuff they call snow, and throw it for Porter and I to chase. I just could not figure out why I could never actually find the ball he threw but I searched hard for them.



For days now we have been home with mom and dad, taking walks in the snow and playing and it has been just perfect. They are talking of this thing called work that, apparently, they need to go back to tomorrow, which makes me sad, but at least I’ll still have some snow to play in!

**** a big FOUR PAW review of snow!

woof ~ Aspen