Happy Birthday Aspen!

By Porter-

One year ago, my mom & dad made me the happiest dog in the world when they adopted my sister Aspen! I was SO very lonely being home alone every day, even though mom and dad tried to make my life wonderful with a dog door and 2 acres to roam. I know I didn’t act like a very good dog, but I just got bored and lonely when they were gone to work. Aspen is the sweetest girl I have ever known! She is just happy all the time, and I guess that is why everyone loves Labradors so much. Damn, that girl is happy no matter what. Even when dad walks us to the gate each morning during the week, even though we KNOW it means they’ll be gone all day, Aspen is wagging her tail and thrilled just go for a short walk with daddy and for the “gate treat” we get when they leave.



Aspen has made my life so much better. She helps lick me dry after a bath, cuddles with me, even when I pretend I don’t like it, and is always fun to play fetch with. I am not lonely anymore and now I have a friend to play with. She even shares her rawhide bones with me. I even allowed mom to put that stupid birthday hat on me, just because Aspen seemed so happy to have hers on, but I wasn’t so happy with that!


Happy 1st Birthday as a Delameter Aspen and welcome to the family. I love you!!!