A Tale of Coming Home

By Porter – 

Now that I’ve lived with mom and dad for over a year, I think it’s finally safe for me to talk about my scary time before I met them. You see, I don’t remember a lot of my previous life, and I think it’s because it was so stressful for me. For instance, I’m not sure how I ended up having to live on the streets, I just remember being picked up by some men, who were nice enough, but drove a very scary truck with a cage in the back and they put me back there! Next thing you know I was put into a different cage, in a building, and was terrified I was going to be stuck there forever! This all happened in some town they call Klamath Falls. It’s quite a long way from where I live now.


I know that the nice people there tried to find my parents, but for some reason they didn’t come and get me. Next thing I knew I was stuck in another scary cage truck and they drove and drove and drove. Hours went past and I started to get super nervous. Where were they taking me and what would happen there?!

I will say that the facilities at this new place were very nice. They referred to it as the Oregon Humane Society, and there were lots and lots of dogs! I had a nice doggie roommate, but I didn’t like not being able to run outside, and many dogs staying there were very scared and would cry and bark throughout the night. I like my sleep and this just made me more upset about the entire situation! There were lots of very nice people working there, but I just really wanted to get out.


Just a couple of days after I arrived, they took me into a different room that they called the meet and greet. It smelled of a LOT of urine. I guess a lot of dogs went into that room. I didn’t like it so much, but I have wonderful memories of that room because that is where I met my dad! I liked the smell of him right away, and when he hugged me, I leaned in. I was so happy because he knew just what I needed, a comforting hug after my scare ordeal. The man who brought me to the room seemed to think daddy shouldn’t have just hugged me like that, but I loved it.

I so wanted to leave that place with him right then, and admit I was devastated when he left without me! Why? I thought he liked me! Why did he leave and have those people put me back in my cage? My doggie roommate tried to comfort me, but I think he was scared as well about never being able to leave. Imagine my relief when my dad came back and, this time, he brought mom with him. I didn’t know who she was at first, of course, but she also hugged me and I found myself leaning against her legs while she rubbed my ears in the most wonderful way.


Once again they left and I had to go back into my cage and I was nearly beside myself. Didn’t they realize we were meant to be together? Suddenly, the man came back and I got to leave that place for the last time. I guess mom and dad had to fill out adoption papers so that is was official, we were a family. I practically skipped out to the car for my trip to my new home, sure that I had found my forever family.


Since then, I have been so very happy. When I first got home I was a little lonely during the day, but after a couple of months mom and dad brought me a new sister and we’ve been one big, happy family ever since.

Even though I wasn’t so fond of that place called the Humane Society when I was there, I have been told it’s a very good place because they help little lost dogs, such as myself, find their new families. If I had known that at the time I wouldn’t have been so scared and I am very grateful to them for helping me


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  1. This is beautiful and warms my heart! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure home Porter and to your wonderful forever family for giving you such a wonderful life!

    • Thank you Kayte! And thank YOU for working for such a wonderful organization that gives all these sweet dogs a home.

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