My Friend Hedgy

When Porter died, mom got me a stuffed hedgehog toy. She knew how sad I was and thought I might want a new cuddle buddy. I had nothing to do with it. I missed Porter and his silly dance. I missed licking his ears, even when I knew he didn’t want to admit he liked it. I missed him. Its now been almost two months since he has been gone and, although I still miss him very much, I now have my new friend Hedgy.


Hedgy doesn’t get to go everywhere with me. I don’t take him to the beach, for instance. I’m afraid some of the other dogs will get jealous and try to steal him. One day I did sneak him up to the pool. Unfortunately, I dropped him in the pool and he can’t swim!!! Dad rescued him and he’s okay but we found out when he gets too wet his squeeker stops squeeking so I had to play with him a lot to get him well.


I like to carry him around the apartment, and when it’s too hot to go outside for a walk.. which seems like a LOT these days, mom plays fetch with me inside. Or the very best times are when mom takes me outside the door and dad hides Hedgy and I have to go and search for him in all the rooms. Sometimes it takes a minute or two but I always find him.


While it’s still not the same as having my buddy Porter with me, Hedgy has become my own personal little cuddle buddy and, unlike Porter, he doesn’t mind when I lick his ears.

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  1. Hey! You guys! Where are you? How are you? Gracie and I are still up north and it’s hit and there’s first fires. No news from you for awhile. What’s up?

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