The Belle of Puerto Vallarta

I have to say, I have become something of a celebrity here in town! In fact, it could be said I am the Belle of Puerto Vallarta.


I have always been told I’m a beautiful dog and yea, thats cool, but I never really paid much attention to it. People love to tell mom and dad how beautiful I am and say things like “nice dog” and want to give me pets. But in this last week in Puerto Vallarta I think I am starting to get a big head!


Every single day on our walks and wanders around the streets of town people stare, compliment me, and want to come and pet me. I am loving all of the attention. I am also considering myself something of an ambassador … maybe for all dogs, but surely for black dogs. Just this morning we were heading to the beach to see my other dog friends and a little girl with pigtails seemed frightened of me. Now, I have listened to mom and dad. I know that here in Mexico a lot of people don’t think of dogs as family like they do back at home. Some of the dogs here are cherished but, sadly, a lot of them are just considered guard dogs or street dogs. The father of the scared little girl spoke to her and mom had me very carefully go up to her for a pet. By the time I left, she was smiling and petting my head and calling me perro bueno.


Many of the stores and restaurants have been wonderful to me, with the employees coming up to meet me and learn my name. Then they bring me a big bowl of water and let me hang out with mom and dad. THAT I love more than anything.


Lots of travelers have been fascinated by me. They generally have to leave their doggies at home so are thrilled to get some cuddle time from me. The other night we were doing a street stand dinner, well, mom and dad were but mom still snuck me some bites, and I was totally spoiled with some travelers who had to leave their doggies at home and by some local families who just thought I was beautiful.


I have to say, I”m starting to think I may need a tiara. We walk everyday. A LOT. And everywhere we go people smile and stare and I feel like quite a princessa. And I think I like it.


I EVEN got to pose, along with dad, with the alien from Aliens! Exciting. I have to say though, all this attention is exhausting. Thank goodness I can always find a pillow.


Happy tails from Puerto Vallarta! ~ Aspen