Beach Dog Heaven

By Aspen ~

Ever since mom and dad first took me to the beach, I have suspected I was a beach dog. Oh, I am a lab, which means I love doing pretty much ANYTHING, but the beach is my favorite. I tend to get so excited I hop around and mom calls me her bouncy puppy. I must admit I feel young and free when running the beach!


Since we hit the road we have spent a lot of time on the beach and it’s been wonderful! But even though San Felipe and Bahia de los Angeles and the other beaches were wonderful, when we got to Los Coyotes beach on Bahia Concepcion I knew I was in beach dog heaven.


Every day was a wonderful adventure. We hiked through the cactus in the hills surrounding camp. I got to wear my backpack, which I LOVE, and hop from rocks to rocks. Poor old guy Porter was not so happy with that day and pretty sore after but he did love wading in the calm, clear water to cool off. He won’t swim unless forced, of course, I think it disturbs his fur too much. But I swam and swam every day


We had dog friends on the beach. Especially Ella and Bandit who lived with their dad Wayne.


And a couple of days before we left another lab arrived. Chaco was traveling with his family just through Baja and he was great fun.


I got to run off leash quite often. Not as often as the other dogs because I just can’t stay put. I admit to often heading down to steal a ball from the barky shelties down the way but really, I’m a RETRIEVER… I RETRIEVE!!!


Afternoons were spent hanging with mom, dad and Porter while they practiced Spanish and lazing in the sand before yet another fun walk. A couple of mornings dad took Porter and I to walk mom to yoga. She liked her yoga but her downward dog isn’t at all comparable to mine!


It sounds like we may get to stop by again on our way back north and I am counting the days!!! Los Coyotes I’ll be back.

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  1. I agree Los Coyotes is the BEST! We were there during November and December camped in our pickup camper with our dog, Mangoes (she’s an Aussie mix). She loved it there too, especially going for long walks on the beach. She’s not much on swimming, but loved going with us in our tandem kayak. She thought the dolphins were pretty exciting when we were paddling in the midst of a bunch of them. Too bad we had to leave before you came–Mangoes would like Porter and Aspen. Enjoy your travels and the beaches!

    • I love that name 🙂 It is too bad you were gone. We’re excited to stop in again in April on our way back north. Right now they dogs are in a different sort of dog heaven here in Los Barriles… something about a beach and a dog!

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