Back to the Beach!

By Porter~

I am not sure what is wrong with the humans in my life, but it has been MORE THAN A MONTH since mom and dad took us to the beach, or even camping anywhere! They say they’re busy, they’re fixing up the house, etc etc. I say whatever! They have taught us how to be traveling dogs and we want to travel.



We headed to Cape Lookout, one of my very favorite places in the world, because on one end of the beach is a big rock wall. Mom and dad seem to think they can let go of my leash because I have the ocean on one side and cliffs on two other sides. They like to stay behind me so I won’t run off. Well, they should know I’m certainly smart enough to figure out a way to escape if I really wanted to, I mean I CAN swim, I just choose not to. But I do love this beach. I love to climb the small rocks at the end and munch on little sea creatures clinging to the rocks and I love to be able to run free with Aspen all on my own.


You know, the truth is I don’t want to run away from my family. I LOVE THEM. It’s just that if I get loose I have this impulse to run, run, run and that can get me into problems sometimes. Luckily, I really just want to be with the pack and don’t mind walking on the leash with dad, even when Aspen is allowed off and runs and runs everywhere. Mom and dad still make sure I get to lick seaweed and eat crab claws and sniff and mark all I want so it’s all good.


All over the news they’ve been saying we’re having an “unseasonably dry and warm winter”. Now, I don’t know exactly what that means, but I do know we’ve had less rain than normal which I love. I am NOT a water dog, like Aspen, and absolutely prefer it mild. That being said, I love to camp with my family regardless of the weather. When it’s not so nice out we all get to cuddle in the camper together. Mom and dad watch movies and read and play cards and Aspen and I get to cuddle in and nap.



For this weekend, the weather was amazing. We played on the beach and hung out in the sun at camp and one morning we went for a very long walk on the beach. On the way back to camp we stopped to rest for a bit. Mom and dad sat on a downed tree and I leaned up against mom and the log, leaning back to get in my version of a good cuddle. The sun was so warm and there was no wind or bugs,! It was a nearly perfect day. I raised my head up towards the morning sun and closed my eyes all squinty and dad commented that he’d never seen me so content. He doesn’t understand that I’m a thinker… it’s my responsibility to make sure he is driving in the right direction and the borders at home are patrolled at all times. It’s an important job! But at that moment all I wanted to do was just lean against mom and soak in the sun.

DSCN2105_1606 DSCN2106_1607


We finally wandered back to camp, and had to go home eventually so mom and dad could go to that place they complain about called work, whatever that is. I know I don’t like work because it means they leave Aspen and I for far too long most days! But at least we had that magical weekend and they promised we’re going camping again this coming weekend~ time in the camper with my family? I couldn’t be more excited!