A Sleep-Over with our Cousins

By Aspen & Porter ~

We LOVE playing with other pups, so when we heard mom and dad say our cousins Lexi and Jenny were spending the weekend with us, we were SO excited! The weekend started on Friday night with a dinner party. Now, we never end up getting people food treats, so we didn’t expect to get to sample the chicken enchiladas, but we do love company and got even more pets than normal and, to be fair, we’re pretty darn spoiled!


Lexi and Jenny’s mom and dad spent the night too. We think it might have been because of the tequila shots and margaritas! We didn’t get any of those either, but Aspen and Jenny really like their beer and uncle Ken gave them some of that.

Hunting for gopher

Hunting for gopher

The weekend was really nice. We slept in, played outside together, and spent hours following mom and dad around the yard as they worked outside. Mom made us pose for a lot of pictures, which was just okay, but she says it’s important so everyone can see how good looking we are.




We all got to go in the car and go to town and spent lots of time doing border patrol and checking for gophers. Lexi and Jenny aren’t nearly as lucky as we are. Their back yard is really small and so they don’t have nearly as much space to explore. They don’t even have a dog door!!! We don’t quite understand how that can be? Mom said they don’t get to just go in and out whenever they want and we think that sounds like a very bad thing. How could we do our job of protecting the property if you couldn’t get outside?




Well, there isn’t anything we can do about that, but they’re both pretty old and don’t really like to play anymore anyway, so maybe they don’t care. We had a fantastic weekend and wow, we were SO tired we went to bed pretty earlier but we do know we hope they come to visit again!




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  1. My Sweet Peas,
    Remember Lexi and Jenny have 50+ acres next to their very small yard on which to run, sniff, poop, peep and re-peep the peeps at least twice a day! And you’re right…they are oldies but goldies 😉

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