Changes Apaw

By Porter ~

Lately, I’m feeling a little bit nervous. It has been a year of upheaval for our little pack, and I have a feeling another BIG change is coming soon. Mom and dad just keep getting RID OF STUFF! Now, all the important stuff remains. Aspen and I still have our bowls and pads and rain jackets, much needed during these last few days. But it seems like we now live in a mostly empty house. It’s already a much smaller house than we left a few months ago and nearly all the rooms are empty…. as in totally empty!


Strange people keep showing up and handing mom money before they take stuff away, before when mom needed money she just get a loan from, and last Saturday they even left us alone ~ on “family day” I might add ~ to go bring boxes and boxes of stuff from the garage to some place called ReStore. The place is emptying out to the point that I’m starting to feel concerned they’ll just be packing us up soon.

I know that the truck and camper have gotten a lot of attention lately, even though we haven’t actually been camping in a couple of months. Mom and dad did make Aspen and I a new platform bed in the back of the truck and ordered us a new orthopedic pad to go on it. Now, I like to think that isn’t at least partially because I’m a little more “senior” but it sure is comfy nonetheless.


One really, really GOOD thing is that lately mom is home with us a lot more than she used to be. She’s been calling in sick a  log, but she calls them mental health days, whatever that means. She also has just had extra days off and Aspen and I are both loving that. Although we wish daddy were home with us too, cuz, ya know, the pack isn’t really complete unless the whole family is together, just having mom there to take on walks in the LIGHT OF DAY is a treat all on it’s own.

This morning she rubbed my ears in that special way I like and said “just one more day sweet boy”. I’m not sure what she meant but I hope that means something really great is going to happen this week.


Overall, Aspen and I are both a little nervous. I am a bit delicate and really notice when things are changing, but even Aspen has been a bit clingier than normal, insisting on sitting ON mom’s lap instead of just hanging out on her feet.

So far, no matter what happens, mom and dad make sure we are okay so I’m just going to go to bed now and pray for good things to happen in just one more day!

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