Meeting Blake

By Porter ~

As our faithful readers know, we often camp with our uncles Ron and Dario. We just love them and were super excited when mom told us we would be spending the weekend with them at Stub Stewart Memorial Park! What we didn’t know, what was a HUGE surprise to us, is that this time they brought their own pup, Blake.


Now I really, REALLY love my sister Aspen. She is my constant companion, cuddle partner (whether I want to cuddle or not), and protects me by trying to get between me and the vet when they think they want to stick that thermometer up my bottom. I mean how invasive is that?! But, Aspen has never really learned how to dog-play. In the 2 1/2 years we’ve lived together I can count on two paws worth of toes how often she’s actually run around the house playing with me.


Maybe it’s her size, I mean, granted she’s short because she’s a bit of a runt, but those HIPS, have you seen those hips that girl has going on? Maybe it’s hard for her to do the same doggie dance as I do. And, I just might have a thing for small dogs, I seem to remember hoping for a Jack Russell Terrier, or similar sized companion, and what did I get but a 75lb lab who likes to cuddle. But, she’s my family now and I wouldn’t trade her for the world! That doesn’t mean I don’t love to meet up with other pups who enjoy the same sort of play as I do.


The minute I saw Blake I thought, this is IT, my weekend for some fun doggie play at camp. Our first meeting was a bit of a shock. I tell you, that dog is a BARKER. I think he likes to bark even more than I do because he also has a bark collar. And he HATED me. I have never had a little dog lunge at me like he did. I completely lost interest in playing after that and wandered off with dad but Aspen seemed to keep thinking that he must really like her, after all, she’s a lab!

But, no, Blake was having none of it and, unlike me, Aspen is a scrapper and mom had to pull her away. Blake went back to his camp, we stayed at ours and….


And that was that! In the end, I didn’t gain a new playmate, but a weekend at camp is always a good thing. Blake just doesn’t know what he’s missing.