Celebrating a BIG Anniversary

By Aspen ~

Last weekend, Porter and I were SO lucky because we got to spend an extra long weekend with mom & dad at camp. The destination, Timothy Lake, one of our favorites. The reason, mom & dad were celebrating something they call a wedding anniversary. Now, I have no idea what a wedding is, and less what an anniversary means, but apparently they have  now been married for 25 years. It seemed like a big deal, even in human years, but can you imagine….. thats like 175 dog years, no wonder they say they’re old!


Regardless of whatever this anniversary thing is they were celebrating, we were just thrilled to be at the lake for so long! Just like last year, we got to stay right on the lake, one of my favorite things ever. And, just like last year, Dave and Anne and Ken and Wendy and our cousins, Jenny & Lexi got to come too! We hiked miles, slept in, and, just maybe, got to sample quite a bit of the human food over the course of the weekend. My favorite was the pork sausage patty. Or maybe the leftover chicken and rice. Oh, or maybe that delicious dog chew the camp host brought me. So many choices.


Porter isn’t quite as young as I am, so he was even more tired. I do know, after long days of hiking and fetching in the water, I was ready for our bed in the camper pretty early. In a very unusual turn of events, one night Porter even chose to use my substantial hip for his pillow, rather than his normal pillow. Not normally a cuddler, maybe he’s finally coming around! I don’t mind, I LOVE to cuddle!


On our last night at camp the others left so it was just our little pack left and there was a really bright and loud storm over the lake. Mom & dad called it a thunder and lightning storm. I wasn’t too fond of it, I was busy with a bone after all, but poor Porter was terrified as usual. I tell you, that dog simply spends way too much time overthinking  everything! Luckily for all of us, the storm ended pretty early so we still had a good nights sleep.


Sadly, the weekend ended too soon, but mom & dad promise that soon we’ll all be together all the time!