The Black Dogs are Hitting the Road!

By Aspen & Porter ~   Recently mom & dad took us on a LONG road trip! When we first got in the truck we thought we were just heading out for our typical weekend camping trip. Instead, we spent days and days driving through FIVE states. It was a lot of time on the road! We are still processing all that happened in those 17 days, but we did learn two things. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spending extended time with mom and dad, and we LOVE living in the camper.


Although some of the days made for long drives, mom & dad made sure we got to get out and stretch our legs every couple of hours, and mom seemed to know exactly when we needed a drink of water while in the car. Porter, who has never been good about sleeping in the car, learned that he actually enjoyed waking up refreshed upon arrival.



We got to spend hours each day hiking through some really interesting, and in some cases really hot, areas.

We checked out a lot of sights. We were up in the mountains in what mom & dad called the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. And we went below sea level in very hot Death Valley!


We toured Monument Valley and Moab, Utah.


Aspen even tried out the obstacle course in Las Vegas.


But, best of all ~ we were together! Our favorite thing ever.


Stay tuned for more stories from the road!