Webb County Park ~ Campground Review

By Aspen ~   Well, I just have to say, our latest experience at Webb County Campground was less than extraordinary! We had stayed here before for just one night and I remember mom & dad didn’t like it very much. They complained about the facilities, whatever those are, not being so nice, and how expensive it was becoming. And, even though Porter and I are VERY clean and well behaved dogs, we got yelled at when mommy took us into the bathroom with her early in the morning. I wasn’t sure what the big deal with, it’s a cement floor that they hose out, what did they think we could do to it? DSCN1585_1152 read more

Camping Review – Pacific City, Oregon

By Aspen-

Mommy and daddy have taken us to Pacific City twice in the last month and I am still not sure whether I like it or not. On the one hand, the beach IS just across the street from the campground, but it seems to be very popular and because there are so many people, cars, and other dogs on the beach, mom and dad don’t let me to run off leash like I want. I know that I should come to them every time that they call, but I just get so distracted sometimes that it’s hard to remember.


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