A Sleep-Over with our Cousins

By Aspen & Porter ~

We LOVE playing with other pups, so when we heard mom and dad say our cousins Lexi and Jenny were spending the weekend with us, we were SO excited! The weekend started on Friday night with a dinner party. Now, we never end up getting people food treats, so we didn’t expect to get to sample the chicken enchiladas, but we do love company and got even more pets than normal and, to be fair, we’re pretty darn spoiled!


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Dog Days at the Beach

By Porter ~

We spend a lot of time at the beach. And we love it, but we had a good talk and want mommy and daddy to know that we would like to go camping somewhere new next time. I know we’re planning to go on some big trip to a place called Overland Expo in May, but in the meantime I think a new camping adventure would be good.


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