Happy Birthday Aspen!

By Porter-

One year ago, my mom & dad made me the happiest dog in the world when they adopted my sister Aspen! I was SO very lonely being home alone every day, even though mom and dad tried to make my life wonderful with a dog door and 2 acres to roam. I know I didn’t act like a very good dog, but I just got bored and lonely when they were gone to work. Aspen is the sweetest girl I have ever known! She is just happy all the time, and I guess that is why everyone loves Labradors so much. Damn, that girl is happy no matter what. Even when dad walks us to the gate each morning during the week, even though we KNOW it means they’ll be gone all day, Aspen is wagging her tail and thrilled just go for a short walk with daddy and for the “gate treat” we get when they leave.



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I Am Labradorable!

By Aspen –

Usually when mommy is stroking me, she calls me “her beauty”, but today she called me labradorable. I am not exactly sure what this means, but daddy seemed to think it was quite appropriate and they laughed so it must mean something good. My auntie Wendy said I was quite photogenic, so maybe it has something to do with liking having my picture taken. I figure, hey, if I’m so cute I should post some of my favorite pictures.




I think Porter is super handsome, but in a very refined way, so I’m sure he’ll be posting his own favorite pictures soon!

How I Found My Forever Home

By Aspen – 

Yesterday mom and dad took Porter and I to get my first Christmas tree as a Delameter dog. Soon they tell me it’s going to be my birthday, which will mean I have lived with my forever family for one whole year! Boy, time sure does fly when you are living a wonderful life.  Like Porter, I don’t really remember much about my life before mom and dad found me at the Marion County Animal Shelter in Salem.  I think that is because something traumatic happened to have me leave my old home and end up at the animal shelter.


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