On the Road

By Porter ~

Today marks two weeks since mom & dad packed us up in the truck/camper and headed out on the road and I couldn’t be happier. Well, I could be if that CAT at the campsite next door didn’t keep giving me the eye and, perhaps, if I liked the looks of one particular german shepherd loitering around more… but other than that Aspen and I are in heaven.


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Changes Apaw

By Porter ~

Lately, I’m feeling a little bit nervous. It has been a year of upheaval for our little pack, and I have a feeling another BIG change is coming soon. Mom and dad just keep getting RID OF STUFF! Now, all the important stuff remains. Aspen and I still have our bowls and pads and rain jackets, much needed during these last few days. But it seems like we now live in a mostly empty house. It’s already a much smaller house than we left a few months ago and nearly all the rooms are empty…. as in totally empty!


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Kibble Review ~ Infinia Holistic Dog Food

B y Aspen ~

Although Porter and I both love to eat, I am the acknowledged porker here in the house, so I am taking on this post! Mom and dad think our health is super important, and so they make sure to feed us really good food. The kibble we get to eat is by Infinia, and we often get to choose between some delicious flavors like Salmon and Sweet Potato, Bison and potato, and Chicken and Wild Rice! Dad grumps about how expensive it is, but he is awfully happy that our shedding  has greatly subsided and everyone comments on how fantastic our coats look.


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Hello World!

Welcome to The Black Dog Chronicles, a website about all things dog, from the perspective of two black dogs! We were lucky enough to be adopted by our parents, Jim & Rhonda, and live as one big, happy pack in Oregon. We love hiking, camping, and just spending time hanging out with our parents. We will be giving a one to four paw review on all things dog related; kibbles, dog parks, campgrounds, toys, and the list goes on!  We hope you follow us along on our adventure.