Guest Interview with Shae & Olivia of Adventures in Skyhorse

By Aspen & Porter ~

Next up in our interview series are Shae & Olivia of Adventures in Skyhorse. These two lovely pups have already been on the road for over a year with their parents, Hani & Sarah, in what is absolutely one of the most unique vehicles we’ve ever seen! Follow along on their journey down the PanAm at

Adventures in Skyhorse

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A Weekend in the Lake – Crane Prairie Reservoir Campground Review

By Aspen ~


Okay, I have to start by saying I am SOOO glad mom and dad took us camping at Crane Prairie. It was a long drive to get there, but that was okay since it was a long weekend called 4th of July weekend. I don’t know exactly what that means, except that we go camping every year. Porter is terrified of all loud noises and, to be honest, I’m not a big fan of fireworks either, so it all works out for the best. This year we went with our Uncle Ken, Aunt Wendy, and cousins Lexi and Jenny and we were super excited because Uncle Ken got there a day early and got us a campsite right on the edge of the lake!


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KOA Circus Circus Campground Review

By Porter ~ 

On our recent roadtrip with mom and dad, we got to see SO many different places. They said we drove over 3000 miles and, I don’t know exactly what that means, but I do know we spent a lot of time in the car. I guess it’s all good practice for driving to South America. Apparently that is ten times further!


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The Black Dogs are Hitting the Road!

By Aspen & Porter ~   Recently mom & dad took us on a LONG road trip! When we first got in the truck we thought we were just heading out for our typical weekend camping trip. Instead, we spent days and days driving through FIVE states. It was a lot of time on the road! We are still processing all that happened in those 17 days, but we did learn two things. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spending extended time with mom and dad, and we LOVE living in the camper.


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Guest Interview with Maya & Olmec of Vangabonds

By Aspen & Porter


Next up in our interview series is Maya & Olmec who are traveling with their parents Brianna & Ian of They’ve been on the road for almost two years now and have tons of fabulous advice for traveling dogs. They travel slow, just like mom and dad say we’ll be doing, so we feel we can learn a lot from their experiences.

Tell us a little about yourselves:

We are Maya and Olmec, 7-year-old sister and brother. Our mom was a blue heeler (Australian cattle dog), our dad was an English pointer, and our human parents are Ian and Brianna Kietzman.

maya and olmec



  1. Tell us a little bit about where you have traveled with your family. Have you traveled internationally? Within the US?

We were born in Kansas and moved to North Carolina when we were just a year old. We loved the long drive in the car to our new home and enjoyed getting to go on trips to the beach, so when our humans decided that they were going to drive the Americas, we were thrilled to hop in the backseat and go along for the ride!


2. What is your favorite place to travel? Do you like hiking the mountains? Running on the beach?

Though we’re siblings, we have very different personalities. Maya is a beach girl, and Olmec is a mountain man. Wherever we go, we both love hiking and all of the new smells.


3.  When you’re traveling do you camp? Stay at hotels? Rent houses?

Sometimes we camp or stay in hotels, but most of the time our family rents apartments for a month at a time in the places that we are traveling. Having us along means that our humans have fewer options for lodging, but so far they haven’t had much trouble at all finding nice, pet-friendly apartments or houses throughout the Americas. Also, our kennels come with us to each of our new homes, which give us a sense of normalcy when it’s time to sleep.


4. Do you have a hard time finding good quality food and water on the road?

Not really. Our humans were worried when we left that Maya wouldn’t handle changing food brands very well, but it hasn’t been a problem at all. Only one month did they buy a cheaper brand of food than they should have, and boy did they pay for it with the smells we made! Sufficient options are usually available though and not too difficult to find. For water, we usually drink whatever our humans drink. If their source is expensive, sometimes they will boil tap water for us instead.


5. Have you had any problems with other dogs, either playing at dog parks, or street dogs when traveling?

Maya doesn”t play very nicely with other dogs, so we usually just keep to ourselves. In some of the cities we’ve visited, there are many territorial street dogs. This was never a big problem, but it was somewhat uncomfortable for our humans.


6. What don’t you like about traveling? A different bed? Strange water?

We tend to think that we are pretty happy travelers. Olmec didn’t feel that well when we went through the curving roads of mountains, and Maya sometimes gets bothered by new sounds in a city, but otherwise, we get really excited on travel days and are usually wearing a smile and a wagging tail!

maya and olmec (2)


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Guest Post Interview with Luna of The Ramble

Luna is our latest interviewee. We were super excited to get this interview as Luna and her mom have traveled all over the world so offered us lots of tips!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Luna Griffis is a full-time world-traveling pooch with a special love for big adventures (of course, when you’re 14 pounds, everything is kind of a big adventure). In 2012, Luna and her mom (Gigi Griffis) sold their stuff and took off around the world. You can follow their adventures at

luna with mom


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Dog Days at the Beach

By Porter ~

We spend a lot of time at the beach. And we love it, but we had a good talk and want mommy and daddy to know that we would like to go camping somewhere new next time. I know we’re planning to go on some big trip to a place called Overland Expo in May, but in the meantime I think a new camping adventure would be good.


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Pet Safe Citronella Bark Collar Review – Part Deux

By ~ Porter

You may have read Aspen’s review of my bark collar experience and, lets just say she didn’t fare any better. I know mom & dad don’t want me to bark at the neighbor dog at home, but sometimes I just can’t help it. I’m a Border Collie, I am protecting the BORDERS! I’m not quite sure what they don’t understand about that, but I am really smart so I try to keep it to a minimum when they’re home, and save my primary border patrols for when they go to work. That is when I really need to protect things anyway!


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Happy Birthday Aspen!

By Porter-

One year ago, my mom & dad made me the happiest dog in the world when they adopted my sister Aspen! I was SO very lonely being home alone every day, even though mom and dad tried to make my life wonderful with a dog door and 2 acres to roam. I know I didn’t act like a very good dog, but I just got bored and lonely when they were gone to work. Aspen is the sweetest girl I have ever known! She is just happy all the time, and I guess that is why everyone loves Labradors so much. Damn, that girl is happy no matter what. Even when dad walks us to the gate each morning during the week, even though we KNOW it means they’ll be gone all day, Aspen is wagging her tail and thrilled just go for a short walk with daddy and for the “gate treat” we get when they leave.



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Introducing our New Guest Post Interview Series

By Aspen & Porter-

As we prepare to travel the world with our mom & dad, we are curious about other dogs already on the road with their parents. Do they enjoy the traveling? What are their biggest issues on the road? We are also asking for advice from our cousins and dog-friends who just travel domestically. What is important to them in hotel doggie amenities? Do they like the beach or the mountains more? We have been working on a list of interview questions before we reach out to some of our favorite dogs, and would love hearing any questions you would like to see answered as well.



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