Guest Post Interview ~ Brady from The Long Way South

We love to meet and greet other dogs and, but in lieu of actually being able to meet some of our fur-friends, we decided to interview some doggies who are currently on the road.

Brady, and his parents Sarah and Nate, drove a very, very long way through Mexico and Central America. Brady is home now, with his grandparents, while his mom and dad complete their trip in South America, but he had lots of interesting things to say about his time on the road!


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Introducing our New Guest Post Interview Series

By Aspen & Porter-

As we prepare to travel the world with our mom & dad, we are curious about other dogs already on the road with their parents. Do they enjoy the traveling? What are their biggest issues on the road? We are also asking for advice from our cousins and dog-friends who just travel domestically. What is important to them in hotel doggie amenities? Do they like the beach or the mountains more? We have been working on a list of interview questions before we reach out to some of our favorite dogs, and would love hearing any questions you would like to see answered as well.



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