Pet Safe Citronella Bark Collar review

By Aspen ~

My brother Porter is the sweetest guy, but when he decides he needs to protect us from something, he starts barking and he just won’t stop! Mom and dad finally decided he needed a bark collar to teach him that his behavior was just not okay. Oh boy, next thing I knew, the citronella bark collar arrived.


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Winter Wonderland!

By Aspen 

We are very lucky dogs because, in general, we have very moderate weather here in Oregon. Mommy and daddy make sure we are always nice and comfortable all year around. This last week, however, the weather turned just crazy! I have to say I loved it. Being a lab, I have super thick double coats and am cozy almost all of the time. Porter, unfortunately, has some thin hair on his belly and legs and gets cold pretty easily so he was not as happy to see the white stuff as I was.


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Summer at the Lake

By Aspen & Porter – 

During these days of cold, damp days and long, cold nights, we are dreaming of our summer days camping at the lake. Mom and dad promised we are going camping at the beach this coming weekend so at least we can run and play. But when is it going to be summer again???!!!


I Am Labradorable!

By Aspen –

Usually when mommy is stroking me, she calls me “her beauty”, but today she called me labradorable. I am not exactly sure what this means, but daddy seemed to think it was quite appropriate and they laughed so it must mean something good. My auntie Wendy said I was quite photogenic, so maybe it has something to do with liking having my picture taken. I figure, hey, if I’m so cute I should post some of my favorite pictures.




I think Porter is super handsome, but in a very refined way, so I’m sure he’ll be posting his own favorite pictures soon!

How I Found My Forever Home

By Aspen – 

Yesterday mom and dad took Porter and I to get my first Christmas tree as a Delameter dog. Soon they tell me it’s going to be my birthday, which will mean I have lived with my forever family for one whole year! Boy, time sure does fly when you are living a wonderful life.  Like Porter, I don’t really remember much about my life before mom and dad found me at the Marion County Animal Shelter in Salem.  I think that is because something traumatic happened to have me leave my old home and end up at the animal shelter.


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Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital

By Porter – 

Now, no dog ever wants to have to go to the vet at all, and we SURE don’t want to go to an emergency vet! But, things do happen and when they do, it’s great to know they exist. So far, Aspen and I have been healthy and we just go to the vet for our dreaded shots each year. She takes it all in stride but I hate it, the shots are bad enought but THEN they stick this thing up my bottom! I think it’s completely uncalled for and unnecessary, but mom and dad seem to think they need to know if I am running a temperature. Whatever.


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Dog Park Review – Hazelia Field Dog Park

By Porter –

Aspen and I love going to the dog park! She is pretty good about almost always coming when she is called, but no matter how hard I try, I just have a really hard time. I KNOW I should, I love my mom and dad and don’t want to run away, really, but I am a border collie and I must check out the entire area before I am focused on paying attention. Because of this, although I do like the hikes we go on all around town, I prefer to go to the fenced doggie parks. There I get to run and play with all the other dogs and am allowed off leash to do a proper perimeter check!


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A Tale of Coming Home

By Porter – 

Now that I’ve lived with mom and dad for over a year, I think it’s finally safe for me to talk about my scary time before I met them. You see, I don’t remember a lot of my previous life, and I think it’s because it was so stressful for me. For instance, I’m not sure how I ended up having to live on the streets, I just remember being picked up by some men, who were nice enough, but drove a very scary truck with a cage in the back and they put me back there! Next thing you know I was put into a different cage, in a building, and was terrified I was going to be stuck there forever! This all happened in some town they call Klamath Falls. It’s quite a long way from where I live now.


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