The Holes we Dig ~ or, the day Aspen tunneled out AGAIN!

By Porter ~

I love my adopted sister, Aspen, I really do. But I do NOT understand what is with that dogs crazy desire to escape our own personal doggie nirvana. I mean, we have 2 lush acres to roam, several sheds to loaf under, our private swimming pool, AND a dog door into the climate controlled house where comfy pads call out for naps. I even have my very own shavings pile that mom put under cover but near the driveway so I can stay warm and dry while I wait for them to come home. And yet, yesterday Aspen decided digging under the blackberry bushes to get into the neighbors horse pasture was a good idea.


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Celebrating a BIG Anniversary

By Aspen ~

Last weekend, Porter and I were SO lucky because we got to spend an extra long weekend with mom & dad at camp. The destination, Timothy Lake, one of our favorites. The reason, mom & dad were celebrating something they call a wedding anniversary. Now, I have no idea what a wedding is, and less what an anniversary means, but apparently they have  now been married for 25 years. It seemed like a big deal, even in human years, but can you imagine….. thats like 175 dog years, no wonder they say they’re old!


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Happy Birthday Aspen!

By Porter ~

Monday was Aspens second year as a Delameter! I am so happy mom and dad brought her home to play with me because I was SO lonely and unhappy when I was home by myself all day. We like to go camping for our birthdays but this year mom and dad raced right home from work to watch some football game. It was nice to have us all there, together, but I would have rather been camping.


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Kibble Review ~ Infinia Holistic Dog Food

B y Aspen ~

Although Porter and I both love to eat, I am the acknowledged porker here in the house, so I am taking on this post! Mom and dad think our health is super important, and so they make sure to feed us really good food. The kibble we get to eat is by Infinia, and we often get to choose between some delicious flavors like Salmon and Sweet Potato, Bison and potato, and Chicken and Wild Rice! Dad grumps about how expensive it is, but he is awfully happy that our shedding  has greatly subsided and everyone comments on how fantastic our coats look.


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The day Aspen made Grandma swear!

By Porter ~

Thanksgiving day, that one day a year where everyone seems to cook and cook forever, and then complain that they’ve eaten too much.  This year, Aspen and I got screwed. For the first time in awhile, mommy wasn’t the one cooking the turkey, apparently the traditional thing to eat on that day. It has something to do with pilgrims but, I always stop listening because I have no idea who these pilgrims are, and I really don’t care. I’m mainly just concerned about getting a bite or two of turkey! Aspen, on the other hand, is obsessed with it. A true lab, she’ll eat nearly anything and basically thinks she’s hungry all the time. For some reason we don’t understand, this year we drove with mom and dad to grandma and grandpas house but then, (!) instead of staying to eat turkey, we were locked in the room that is our bedroom when we visit and left there! Silly Aspen, always happy to please, jumped up on the bed a top our Ducks blanket as told. I caught on to their ploy at the last second and tried to turn tail and head for the door but mom snagged me and back in I went. Humiliating.


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Loving our Days at the Beach

By Aspen ~

Lately Porter and I have been the luckiest dogs in the whole world! Not only have we been going away every weekend with mom and dad but most of the time we’ve been going to the beach!! Now, I really like any place with water, and prefer to actually play in a lake or stream because those ocean waves and currents can be downright scary! But at my beloved beach, I get to run around off leash… true dog freedom.


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Happy Birthday Porter!

By Aspen~

This weekend we’re going camping to celebrate my brother Porters birthday. Well, I don’ t know if that is WHY we’re going camping, because we do that often, but we also get to celebrate Porter living with mommy & daddy for two whole years, which is a long time in dog years!




I’m just hoping we might get some extra special kibble treats in celebration.

Happy Birthday Porter! I love you.

The Black Dogs are Hitting the Road!

By Aspen & Porter ~   Recently mom & dad took us on a LONG road trip! When we first got in the truck we thought we were just heading out for our typical weekend camping trip. Instead, we spent days and days driving through FIVE states. It was a lot of time on the road! We are still processing all that happened in those 17 days, but we did learn two things. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE spending extended time with mom and dad, and we LOVE living in the camper.


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A Sleep-Over with our Cousins

By Aspen & Porter ~

We LOVE playing with other pups, so when we heard mom and dad say our cousins Lexi and Jenny were spending the weekend with us, we were SO excited! The weekend started on Friday night with a dinner party. Now, we never end up getting people food treats, so we didn’t expect to get to sample the chicken enchiladas, but we do love company and got even more pets than normal and, to be fair, we’re pretty darn spoiled!


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